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Member since: Aug 2, 2008.
We're/I'm a: Male, 49 y.o.
Location: United States (90210)
Sexual Preference: Like Girls
Seeking: No one at the momen
Up for: A fuck buddy, A private photo shoot, An affair, Hard core action, Anything!
Private messages: Yes  ( Send message )
Hi Im leacher and I love to see girls in pain, I have started to work on my shy boring girlfriend, she is going to be my 2014's project, I am going to turn into a bondage slut.

I have been doing some warm up work by introducing a little bit ok kink into our love making, so far she is getting off on a little bit of cunt stretching and some tit and nipple abuse.

For Christmas I brought her 50 Shades of Grey, she has already read it and is very turned on by the story and the kinky activities.

She came into the kitchen the other day in her Onesee, I started kissing her neck and ears, then started to squeeze her tits, she started to pull away, I told her to stand still, which to my supprise she did, I then unzipped the front and roughly handled her tits and stated stretching out her nipples. I placed her hand on my cock and told her to suck it, which she did, after telling her to lick it and swirl her tongue around the head I pushed it sharply into the back of mouth and came.

I have been working on her tits and concentrating on her nipple abuse, each time I am abusing her nipples more and more, pulling stretching and squeezing them very hard when I am fucking her, she has also taken to me pulling her hair whilst I fuck her from behind, so with one hand squeezing her nips and the other pulling on her hair she gets off easily when I do this.

I start to initiate sex with massaging her tits but then move on to stretching and pulling her nipples, she is taking longer and longer for her to try to stop me doing this, she is getting so slutty. She now hardly ever stops me from stretching them out and I can pull very hard on them especially when fucking her cunt or ass, she even has asked to be fucked in the ass whist I force my 4 fingers up her wet cunt, she loves to stretch out her cunt when i have my cock in there with her fingers, got her to do up to 4 and my cock, makes her soooo tight,

I have also been working on her cunt, I can now get 5 fingers up her cunt, but just cant get up to the wrist, she says she does not like me trying to push my whole hand up her however her cunt says other wise and she gets so wet and drips like a tap. Still trying to get her to let me fist her cunt, still fucking horny but still it makes her feel dirty.

The other day she got in the shower with me and started playing with my cock, go down on her knees and blew me, she did not even stop me when I forced my cock down her throat and held her head in place and face fucked her, I came down her throat and she then pulled away and was sick. Need to do some more throat fucking and make sure she can take a load without been sick. The throating is going well and will let me push her head onto my cock, many times it makes her gag but hey she still comes back for more. She now lets me cum down her throat without much complaining,

Been working on cock sucking, she now takes a throating without too much complaining, the other day she got face fucked with me pushing her head down on to my cock, changing positions to her lying on the bed on her back and her head bent backwards and then throat fucked her again whist pulling her nipples and squeezing her tits until i came in her mouth which she still hates.

She has recently asked me to fuck her in the ass whist putting my fingers up her dripping cunt, this is awesome I can now fuck her and get 4 fingers fully inserted, she still is just too tight to get the thumb in as well but I keep trying.

been trying to spank her more often, caned her ass several times lately, smacked her really hard and left some great bruises on her ass after fucking her from behind, she did not notice them for a day or so until they were pointed out by a friend, she was so embarrassed. She will now let me spank her tits whist she rides me on top, getting quite a slapping last time. She even let me use an old car Ariel to spank her ass and then I used in on her tits, she did not like this and kept trying to swat it away as she was trying to cum at the time, she must have edged three or four times before she came.

Been working on her tits taking any opportunity to massage her tits starting with soft squeezes and then over time squeezing harder working on the nipples pulling then out from her tits until they wont stretch any more, when I am fucking her pulling on the nipples hard and then squeezing the teats and pulling,, she does not like it, but it makes her cum and she knows it, she complains but does not stop me anywhere near as much.

Spanked her ass with the riding crop whist she sucked my cock, then spanked her ass again this time with the crop whist she rubbed her hot cunt, I managed to crop the inside of her thighs and some on her tits and I spanked her some more with a very thin plastic cane, she did not like the sharp bite but made herself cum twice.

Talked about been tied up but still reticent, however did try to tie up her tits but not successful as yet will keep on trying will try a rope bra like a chest harness next time.

Going to order some more toy, nipple clamps, butt plus, a very big black dildo, a body harness, stockings and a cat woman face mask. Will let you know how this one goes

She still does not like me taking photos of her, but I do it anyway, will try to get some of her next spanking, I have uploaded some of the spanking, she did not bother about the photos as she thinks that I delete them as soon as I have taken them, but we all know different don't we !

I have purchased a massive black dildo, black and red slutty undies, a butt plug, clit stimulant cream, a body harness and some female viagra. will let you know how these go.

She has taken to me scratching her very hard all over her body with my nails (I now keep them sharp and jagged), I started on working in this process by scratching her back, then over time on to her front and arms, then onto her legs, finally on to her tits, she loves this and leaves her tits hot and dull aching. She now will let me scratch between her legs, her ass hole, cunt and clit, and finally inside her cunt, she is rely getting off on the pain, wont let me do her nipples, but I keep doing it anyway, teasing her right up to the nipple and then accidentally right over them, she jumps like fuck when this happens.

Please let me know what pics you want me to upload and I will try to get these actioned.
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