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Member since: May 18, 2020.
We're/I'm a: Male, 49 y.o. (Single)
Location: United States (Louisiana)
Sexual Preference: Like Girls
Seeking: No one at the momen
Up for: A fuck buddy, Erotic story telling, Group sex, A new friend, Hard core action, Casual chat room talk
Private messages: Yes  ( Send message )
- Dominant Sadist.
- Sapiophile.
- LGBTQIA+ ally.
- Atheist. (No Virginia, you dont need a god or a bible to have morals, convictions, or to be a decent fucking human to others. ALL others. Don\\\'t pretend you get to fucking choose.)
- Polyamorous. (Not as new to poly as I once was, but still new by a couple of years. Still learning. Still stumbling. Still fucking up, but I own my shit when I do. Snub your nose all you want; I don\\\'t look in the mirror and think I\\\'m a remotely perfect human.)
- Feminist. (Damned fucking right.)
- Sex-positive (which is not even remotely the same as \\\"looking for a hookup.\\\")
- SJW (The fuck YOU gonna do about it?)

My knowledge and interest in kink, and BDSM in particular, stretches back to the early 90s.

There\\\'s much, much more to me that I will not blatantly point out here in a blanket introduction… namely my kink inclinations and the role(s) in which I identify. These finer points are for me to know and for you to discover if you have any interest in getting to know me better (my photos will probably give you a decent enough idea, however). On that note, if you have any interest in knowing more, get in touch. I am always up for intelligent discourse and conversation, plus a whole lot more with the right chemistry.

Date:Jul 29, 2020
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Date:Jul 29, 2020
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Date:Jul 29, 2020
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Date:Jul 29, 2020
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